There’s no place like home…

We wanted a place to call home. Somewhere to play, somewhere to love, and somewhere to share.
Welcome to Oost West – an adults-only, gay residential estate in the Second Life® virtual world.


Incorporating the Oost Village, our estate is a woodland-themed, fully designed and landscaped region with a variety of public amenities for role-play or general socialising. We’ve taken a lot of care in every detail to ensure that Oost West is a unique, safe and peaceful place to call home.


We call ourselves – bears. Why? Well not just because we’re furry and live in the woods – but because bears are highly evolved and intelligent social animals that often share friendship, resources and security.


Don’t let our burly frames deceive you! Bears are very gentle and tolerant animals. Like them, we’re affectionate, protective, playful, devoted, strict, and sensitive.


Bears communicate using body language and are very physical with each other, with the intentional use of bites, swats or body posturing. Join the village fight club for a friendly spar, or find a spot to roll in the hay… clothing is entirely optional!


If you’re looking for somewhere to call your den, or you simply want a new place to visit and relax with friends, explore our every inch today. There’s more information on this website, or you can fire up your avatar and dive right in.


Come on over – we do bite!



There are a few conditions to living and playing at Oost West and Oost Village. Nothing unreasonable – nothing you couldn’t BEAR to live with…