Gay men’s estate


Oost West Estates, incorporating Oost Village, Oost Harbor, and Oost Fields, is a country-themed, fully designed and landscaped region with a variety of public amenities for role-play or general socializing. We’ve taken a lot of care in every detail to ensure that Oost West is a unique, safe and peaceful place to call home.


We call ourselves – bears. Why? Well not just because we’re furry and live in the woods – but because bears are highly evolved and intelligent social animals that often share friendship, resources and security.


Don’t let our burly frames deceive you! Bears are very gentle and tolerant animals. Like them, we’re affectionate, protective, playful, devoted, strict, and sensitive.


Bears communicate using body language and are very physical with each other, with the intentional use of bites, swats or body posturing. Join the village fight club for a friendly spar, or find a spot to roll in the hay… clothing is entirely optional!


If you’re looking for somewhere to call your den, or you simply want a new place to visit and relax with friends, explore our every inch today. There’s more information on this website, or you can fire up your avatar and dive right in.


Come on over – we do bite!



Oost West (incorporating Oost Village, Oost Harbor and Oost Fields) is a residential estate for GAY MEN, with fully furnished social and community areas to enjoy. It’s an adult sim, so don’t be surprised to find people enjoying them, proudly or loudly! If you’re offended by nudity, sexuality, or adult language and themes, this probably isn’t the place for you.


Please respect our residents and other guests. We may play dirty here, but we play nice above all else.



Living at Oost Estates


Private parcels are available across the Oost regions and can be rented from the mailbox sign at each parcel, (life preserver at Oost Harbor). Staff are available to assist with invites, building, or landscaping. (See bottom of notecard).


Oost West regions are residential communities designed for GAY MEN to reside on and enjoy. This means avatars must be adult, male humans/humanoids. Women are welcome to visit, but our residential parcels are reserved for GAY MEN only. (Management reserves the right to make exceptions in unusual circumstances).


*RENT: Rent starts at L$1600 per week for 800Li (prims if you’re an older bear!). Larger parcels start at L$2000 for 1000Li Limit variations by negotiation.


Mooring spaces at the pier for at Oost Harbor are available from L$200 for 100 prims.


We need your payment on time to keep our payments on time. If your rental is overdue for more than forty-eight hours, your rental property may be evicted and cleared. If you think you might be late, contact management so we can work something out.


*BUILDINGS: When you arrive, your residence is supplied, but can be altered for you. We have a collection of buildings that fit – or you can use your own, provided it fits the parcel, and the overall sim theme. That crashed spaceship with the rotating neon hot-tub probably belongs somewhere else.


By the way, we build on land, not on clouds. Skyboxes aren’t permitted. If you want a platform for any reason, let’s have a chat about it.


*LAND IMPACT/PRIMS: Please make sure you wear your group tag when rezzing prims if you want to ensure that they don’t get returned! You’ll need to keep your prims to your parcel limit and your parcel itself, not other residents’ homes.


Rez objects only temporarily in public parts of the region. Boats may be rezzed in the harbor by Oost tenants (please don’t exceed 100 prims) but must be taken back to inventory after sailing – unless a Mooring has been rented. Remember a tidy bear is a happy bear.


*BE A GOOD BEAR: Oost West Management have every right to evict or remove another tenants objects from any of the parcels if they find a valid reason. Likewise, we’ll remove people too if they don’t play nice with others or with us.


The rezzing of commercial materials or buildings isn’t allowed within Oost Village without prior arrangement.



Safety at Oost Estates


*BEHAVIOR: Harassment and bullying won’t be tolerated here.


This is an adult estate. All users must be over 18 years of age, and in addition, all avatars must be clearly adult also. Child (or child looking) avatars are not permitted under any circumstances. Management will have the final say.


*PRIVACY: Speaking to your neighbors will surely handle any privacy issues without the need to ban/eject them. If you have persistent issues with anybody, let us know so we can help.


Oost West staff must have access to all sim areas, of course, but respect your privacy and will do our best not to intrude.


*SECURITY: Security orbs are allowed but must be set to the correct range that fits with your parcel size. They need to have a minimum 15 second delay and must not exclude access to any member of staff. Parcel ban lines are a no go – sorry. Not allowed.


Oost West, including Oost Village takes no responsibility for lost/missing items. As anywhere in SL, you rez at your own risk!



Wildlife at Oost Estates


*THEME: Oost West is a rustic, wilderness theme with strong natural and masculine tones. The estate comprises of a river, woodland, hot springs, village and coastal harbor.


*TERRAIN: Residents can not edit terrain. If you require changes made to your land, please contact Kere Delcon as he handles all landscaping/building within Oost West and Oost Village.


*DECOR: You are welcome to decorate your parcel but try to keep from using large, full-bright, or glowing objects. Keep object effects at reasonable levels. Try to keep objects from colliding out of your parcel line or others parcel lines.


*PETS: Keep your pets to your own spaces and make sure they don’t bark all night, keeping the neighbors awake.


We don’t allow breedables pets because they tend to use a lot of script resource and generate lag.





Finally, your participation at Oost West, Oost Village, Oost Harbor, and Oost Fields, either as a guest or a resident will adhere at all times to the Second Life® Terms of Service. No exceptions.