Oost West is a unique, fully-themed residential estate in the Second Life® Virtual World. It’s a woodland oasis, a community, and a retreat where the seasons change but the welcome stays the same. Discover for yourself why a trip to our place is just the getaway – or new home – that you need. Our trees aren’t the only wood you’ll find…


Welcome Center

Get Here!

Welcome Center

Find your BEARings here. You can join our news group, check on rentals or contact our staff from the Welcome Center.

Get Social

The Bar

Unwind and have a drink. We brew our own ales at Oost. Keep an eye out for collectible bottles featuring our bears!

Get Even!

The Gaming Garden

Chess and Greedy are among the games here. New games are regularly added to the table. Punishing the loser is just an added bonus (we’ve even supplied the props)!

Get Boozed (and bruised)

Oost Brewery

There’s something smooth and salty about the brews at Oost. See for yourself what makes our beer taste so good!

Get Shady

The Oost River

The heart of the Oost West sim, you can relax, fish or even hop a boat from the Oost River.

Get Lost

Oost Caves

Dark and wet. Especially fun for groups, so best to explore these tunnels with friends.

Get Loud!

Events Corral

Regular parties with the hottest Djs. Check the schedule HERE

Get Creamed

Oost Village – Antiques and Cake

Cake Shop – an indulgent hang-out space with loads of whipped cream.


Antique Shop – gachas on resale. Yep, you can really buy our old sh*t!

Get Saucy

Oost Village – Barber and Diner

Barber – Who let Marius loose with something sharp? Don’t worry, his cuts always finish with a happy ending.


Diner – Here’s where the truckers stop. We said ‘truckers’!

Get Dirty

Oost Village – Laundry and Gas Station

Gas Station – Fill your tank up out front, empty it out the back.


Laundromat – Wear clean clothes or go naked. Try the spin cycle with a friend while you wait.

Get Pounded

Oost Village – Fight Club Gym

Join Ben’s brawlers or form your own team to take a tackle and taste the mat.

Get Dangerous

Oost Village – Basement

The thing about small towns is that they always have dirty secrets. Maybe the locals will get one out of you…

Get Redemption

Oost Village – The Old Church

More sinners than saints, the services may have ended long ago, but the servicing is still a religious experience.

Get Wet

Oost Village – Hot Springs

Get knee deep in the warm water, then kick up your heels. A cozy bath and an event area will get things steamy in this secluded inlet.

Get Cozy

Oost Village – Picnic and Camping

Relax by the open fire in a rustic pavilion near the water. Comfy hangout for couples and groups.