This one time, when I was hiking in the woods…

Oost West is a unique, fully-themed residential estate in the Second Life® Virtual World. It’s a woodland oasis, a community, and a retreat where the seasons change but the welcome stays the same. Discover for yourself why a trip to our place is just the getaway – or new home – that you need. Our trees aren’t the only wood you’ll find…



Join in our regular events with some of Second Life’s® hottest DJs!



Visit today and you’ll find public spaces for role-play or gathering with friends. Who says a small town can’t reveal its secrets?


Move in

Our home can be your home too. Parcels starting from L$1,600 per week.

Find a home

The Bear keeps tabs on every hot spot at Oost West. If you find a patch to claim as a den of your own, he will fix you up. Check out out rentals here.

Explore the Village

Every small town has its secrets and Oost Village is no exception. Check out the destination guide and find out more about the spaces you can use for relaxing or something a little rougher!

Pop a cherry!

There’s more opportunity for adult play that meets the eye. We expect you to play nice, even if you’re playing rough. Respect the land and the locals and we’ll get along just fine! Read more about Oost West and Oost Village here.

january, 2021