Living at Oost West


At Oost West Estates, we offer a range of parcel sizes and types for gay men who want to be part of a safe and welcoming community. If you prefer a rustic setting, Oost West and the Oost Village woodlands provide a secluded escape where you can get back to nature. If the coast is your thing, Oost Harbor offers ocean-view properties, and boat moorings at the pier. If you’re looking for something bigger, Oost Fields offers more space. It’s a ranch-themed region, bordering the woods of Oost Village, it’s the ideal place to lay down your roots and grow, or perhaps you’re passing through and need something low-maintenance like a trailer? If they’re not already taken by our seasonal farm workers and hunky ranch-hands, you can snap one up for yourself.


All visitors and residents must abide by the estate covenant. Play nice with others, respect their private spaces, and be welcome in our community.


Waiting list: If we don’t have anything available below – you can click here and register your interest. We keep a waiting list and will contact you if something becomes available.